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Baltimore Self Storage and Storage Units

Baltimore is home to one of the most famous medical schools in all of America: Johns Hopkins University. Johns Hopkins Medicine is ranked as the number one hospital in the United States of America and is also the best cancer hospital in the country. The University itself is ranked as the third best medical school in America.

Johns Hopkins University has over 100,000 active residents each year and over 24,000 doctors in the state working actively. The industry in Baltimore does not stop here; it has a booming Bioscience industry and a number of colleges and university that are ranked amongst the best schools in America.

Deciding on a storage unit

Baltimore ranks as the 20th largest metropolitan area in the United States of America. Due to its student life and buzzing industry, the rents here are naturally higher. As is with metropolitan cities, rents are higher and living spaces are small. This usually means that there is less room for storage. Keeping in view the demand for storage units, there are many options available.

Baltimore self storage offers a variety of options which are conveniently located within Baltimore and even convenient for those living in Catonsville, Linthicum Heights and Glen Burnie. The first thing you need to decide is the kind of storage you need. Do you need a storage space for temporary storage or for long-term storage? Each of these has different rates and the longer is your storage unit contract, the better monthly rental rates you are likely to get.

Storage Unit Sizes

There are a variety of units available in various sizes. Not only are there small, medium and large sizes available, there are also sub-classes of these sizes as well. A small unit, which is climate controlled, would cost roughly sixty-two dollars per month, while the same unit in a small to medium size would cost seventy-nine dollars. A medium sized one would cost about one hundred dollars. With variations in size, the prices tend to rise slightly. The largest size, which is ten feet by thirty feet, can cost up to three hundred dollars per month.

The best way to figure out what size would be best for you is to determine how much stuff you want to store. In order to store small household items along with books, you would require the smallest size, which is almost four feet by five feet. If you have items for one room, then you might want to opt for a medium size storage unit. For a two-bedroom apartment, a medium to large sized storage unit would be ideal as you can also store your beds and side tables here. For anything more, it would be best to opt for the largest storage unit, as it can easily fit the household items for a five-bedroom house and one car.