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Birmingham Self Storage and Storage Units

Birmingham is the biggest city of Alabama, which was founded in the post-Civil War Reconstruction time period. Many small towns merged to form the sprawling city of Birmingham, Alabama, which is known today as a massive railroad transportation and industrial center. The main focus of these industries is on mining, railroad, steel and iron. At this point, you might be wondering why the name is similar to the name of a city in the United Kingdom -- it is precisely because both cities are large industrial centers that Birmingham, Alabama, was named after Birmingham in England, United Kingdom.

Given that industrial focus of this city, it is no surprise that storage facilities in Birmingham are a major concern, not only for storing industrial produce, but also self-storage for the people who move to Birmingham to work in the industrial sector.

What should you know about storage facilities in Birmingham?

For self-storage, a number of different sizes of Birmingham storage units are available. Common sizes are 5x5, which is used to store personal things such as clothes, children's toys and business records. The 5x5 sized self-storage unit is currently the most popular choice, in Birmingham as well as Fairfield, AL. A 5x10 container can be used for Birmingham self-storage, to keep small furniture, chairs, mattresses, sofas and more, which you can find using Ultimate Storage.

A 10x10 container will be sufficient to store the contents of a one-bedroom flat (including all its furniture and appliances), while a 10x15 container will be required for a flat or house with two bedrooms or more. For houses with approximately three bedrooms, a larger container of 10x15 should be suitable, while an even larger one, which is approximately 10x30 in size, will be suitable for a house that has four to five bedrooms. These containers can also be used as storage space for offices and small businesses, who might want an area to store their furniture or business records.

Do you need to worry about the weather conditions of Birmingham?

The climate of Birmingham can be described as humid subtropical, which implies that the summers are hot, while winters are mild. This means that there is barely a month where temperatures are around or below freezing point. Although it is quite pleasant in the fall and spring, one must be wary of thunderstorms and tornadoes that have been known to hit this region. Furthermore, the region also receives plenty of rainfall.

For these reasons, you might want to store your items in a climate controlled storage unit. At present, there are almost eight different storage facilities that are offering this service in Birmingham, and a number of similar facilities are also available in Hoover, AL. The advantage of using climate controlled storage units is that you can rest assured that any valuable items are kept safe under a proper roof, which is impermeable by rain, snow and the winds that accompany tornadoes. Furthermore, such storage units also prevent dust and dirt from getting in, thus you can also store fragile and expensive items such as musical instruments, antiques and family heirlooms.