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Fort Wayne Self Storage and Storage Units

Spring is the perfect time to unclutter your home and sort out things that you require and those you do not. When spring cleaning your home, you come to realize how many items are out of use. Such items can be kept in storage units if you do not have space to store these in your house or apartment. There are many Fort Wayne Storage Units available at very low prices to help keep you organized.

How will I know what size Fort Wayne Self Storage unit I need?

Fort Wayne has some great storage units, which are located at convenient locations, with drive up access, flexible access hours and low prices. In order to determine what size will work best for you, just follow these few simple steps:

* Firstly, you should pack all the stuff in boxes. In doing so, make sure that all the fragile items are properly packed and place all fragile items in a box.

* Secondly, you should mark all the boxes with the names of the items that are in the boxes such as books, shoes, and photographs etcetera. By marking the boxes, they will be a lot easier to identify when you need them from your storage.

* Once these two steps are done, place all the boxes atop of one another. Make sure the boxes with the fragile items are place on the very top. This will ensure that these items will not break due to pressure.

* Measure the area taken up by all the boxes in terms of length, breadth and height. This should give you an estimate of the size of the storage unit you may need.

Costing Guidelines

Storage in Fort Wayne is fairly reasonably priced. Many places do not require a minimum rental period whereas some may require a minimum rental period of six months. With minimum rental periods you are more likely to get low prices on rents for subsequent months.

A storage unit of five feet by ten feet unit would cost $33/ month if it is hired for up to six months, the same price would increase if the hire is for less than six months. Ten feet by ten feet unit would cost $69/ month for a six-month hire. Ten feet by fifteen feet unit would cost up to $79/ month for a six-month hire and ten feet by twenty feet unit would cost up to $105/ month for a six-month rental. Climate controlled units of the same size cost between $12 to $20 more in each size.