Pros and Cons of Auto Transport for Your Vehicle During a Move

Do you have one or multiple vehicles? If you do and you plan on moving, you may be wondering just what to do. Of course, you could sell your vehicles, but this is not likely a viable option for many or most people, so how do you get your vehicle to your new home without having to drive every single one?

Auto transportation is one option, but there are both pros and cons to it. If you are considering this option, it is important that you explore both the pros and the cons to it. Below, we will take a look.

Pro: Affordable

Auto transportation is an affordable option considering the alternatives. You will find that you can have your car moved for you for only a few hundred dollars depending on where you are going.

Auto transport is much cheaper than air transport and will be easier on you and of course cheaper, than having to drive every single vehicle across country.

Pro: Safe

Having an auto transporter take your vehicle from one location to the next is often safe because you do not have to worry about the chance of accidents, breakdowns, or other problems with your vehicle.

All you have to worry about is arriving to your destination and the auto transporter will worry about getting your vehicle there safely.

Pro: Convenient

Imagine having to try to arrange the transportation of your own vehicles. Okay, now that your head is probably spinning, slow down for a moment. An auto transporter is able to provide you with the convenience you need. You won’t have to worry about who will drive the cars or how to schedule the arrival of a ride for you or someone else.

Con: Damage

It is possible that your vehicle can be damaged during transportation. Sometimes, it is inevitable, but it does not mean that you should have to pay for it either. The best way to safeguard yourself is to make notes of any damage prior to the move and then inspect your vehicle upon arrival and note any new damage.

Con: Delivered Late

While your vehicle is usually delivered on time, it is possible that your vehicle may arrive to its destination late. Sometimes, the auto transport truck may be running late due to an accident, weather, etc.

Most auto transport companies will give you an estimated timeline of when your vehicle will be delivered and this timeline can be anywhere between one to two weeks.

If you need your vehicle on a certain date or by a certain time, you should consider moving it yourself or having it sent off before your actual move date.

As you can see, there are both pros and cons to consider. You want to make sure you make the right decision for you and your family. If you do choose to have your vehicle transported by a reputable company, make sure you receive everything in writing and ONLY work with someone you feel you trust.

Ready to Move? 5 Things to Fix Up to Sell Your Home Faster

Most people are unable to move until they sell their home. Since this is the case, many people want to be able to sell their home quickly, but how can you? Well, there are some things you can do to prim your home and help push it a bit quicker than if you did not do any of these things.

Below, we will go over some of the different fix ups that you should perform to your home. You be happy to see it finally off the market.

  1. Landscaping

Who wants to live in a home where the lawn is up to their knees? No one wants to feel like they are hiking through the Everglades to get to the front door. With this said, it is important that your home’s front and back lawn look nice and are attractive to the eye.

If your home’s lawn is not maintained or you do not have any plants or grass, it will be much harder to unload the home on someone else. If you want to get rid of the home quickly and not worry about the landscape, maybe you can provide the home buyers with a credit to help them purchase sod or services to improve the yard.

Things to Question BEFORE You Choose a New City or Town to Live In

Moving can cause anxiety, but it can also be exciting. Whether you are one or the other, both, or unsure of what you are, take some time to think about it. Before you move to any new city, you should know why you want to move. Below, we will go over some questions that you need to ask yourself BEFORE you simply choose a new town or city.

What schools are in the area?

If you have children, this question should be one of the first ones that you ask. You do not want your children to end up at a school with subpar ratings. Before you move, take a look at the school system and learn more about the options that are available. It will also help to find out any deadlines to apply, etc.

What are the closest amenities?

If you enjoy getting out of the house, you should check to see how far away the local mall is. Or how far the local park is from your home. If you are someone who like to take your children to the park, you may not enjoy your new city, if there are no parks or the closest one is 30 minutes away.