Your Guide to Unloading Your Moving Truck

Now that you have finally placed all of the items on the moving truck and navigated to your new residence, it is time to unload the moving truck. Yes, it is true, there is an easy way to unload the truck without just randomly picking which items to grab and send down the line. Below, we will help you learn how to properly unload a moving truck, so you can feel confident when you make your move.

  1. Extend the Ramp

When you arrive at your new home, take some time to walk around and decide where you want all of your items to go, especially since you do not want to be moving heavy furniture up and down stairs 30 times.

Once you have a good idea of where you want everything to go, pull out and extend the ramp from the moving truck.

Your Guide to Moving with Fish

If you have fish, you are in for a fun moving trip. Since you cannot just take the fish out of their tank and expect them to be able to sit next to you in the car, you will have to plan and prepare to move them. Below, we will help you move with your fish.

  1. Decide What to Do with the Finned Friends

Before you begin thinking about moving with your fish, you need to consider what you are realistically going to do with your fish. You need to keep in mind that fish get stressed out easily and this can lead to their death.

If you are making a short move, you can easily take the fish with you, but when you move long distance, you may need to give the fish away beforehand as the survival rate for long moves is almost non-existent and this can be traumatizing to not only the fish, but your children as well.

Your Complete Guide to Making a Winter Move

Moving is exciting, but what about moving in the winter? While it may sound scary, as long as you are properly prepared and you take the necessary steps, you will not have to worry as much as you think. Moving during the winter does not have to be an obstacle in itself and below, we will help you properly prepare to make your move.

  1. Know the Weather

The first thing you need to do is keep an eye on the weather. If you do not, you may be making your move in the middle of a large blizzard. If you notice the weather conditions deteriorating, adjust your moving timeline to accommodate the bad weather.

Your Guide to a Successful Garage Sale Before Moving Day

As you downsize your home and start packing items into boxes for your move, you may find that you can make some additional money selling your unwanted items. A garage sale is a great way to let others make use of the items you do not want. But, before you have a garage sale, there are some things you can do to ensure it is successful.

  1. Always Advertise

If you do not advertise your garage sale, who will know it is there? While you can always catch the eye of a passerby, you want to make sure you advertise your garage sale in the paper, flyer, and online.

  1. Get Some Help

If you have some little ones running around the house, enlist them to help you out. You can have them place items on tables, put price stickers on the items, and even help you clean up. It pays to have some help and usually, all you have to do is spare a couple bucks or candy.

Your Complete Guide to Packing a Moving Truck

If you are getting ready to move, one of the biggest events of the day will be packing up the moving truck. If you have never packed a moving truck before, don’t panic just yet. It takes time and no one really ever learns how to pack a moving truck unless they have done it. Below, we will go over some steps and tips to help you.

Before You Load

Before you start loading the truck, you will need to prepare it. This means that you should place sheets, mats, and plastic wrap on the floor of the truck to prevent scratches and make moving easier.

It also helps to have one or two people stay on the truck the entire time to organize the items as you bring them out.

Your Complete Guide to Moving in the Rain

Do you love the rain? Thunderstorms and rainy days have a soft ambiance about them that makes you want to sit down, relax, and unwind with a good book or cuddle up in bed. But, what if you had to move in the rain?

It is important to evaluate your situation on an individual basis as you should never move during an active thunderstorm. If it is lightly raining or drizzling, you can pull off your move, but you need to keep some things in mind. Below, we will go over everything you need to know to move in the rain.

  1. Safety First

Before you even begin moving, make sure that you are keeping your safety in mind. For instance, you need to wear the appropriate clothing including a rain jacket, boots with grips, and a hat to protect your head and keep water out of your eyes.