Moving Sale? How to Properly Price Your Items

If you are planning on having a moving sale, it is important that you properly price your items, otherwise, no one is going to purchase them. If you are unsure of how to price your items for your upcoming sale, we will go over some of the ways below.

  1. Know What Items You Plan to Sell

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to their moving sale is that they price items too high for the average buyer. To prevent this from happening, go through all of the items you plan to sell. If you find something that you are still attached to or something that would be worth more than something you would find at a yard sale, put it to the side and do not sell it.

You want to make sure you offer items for sale that you are actually ready to sell. If you are still attached to an item, you will likely price it too high for someone to purchase.

Rent a Cargo Van or Pick-Up Truck: Considerations and Tips

If you are planning a small move or you simply need to transport a few items to a friend’s house or your storage unit, you do not need to rent a large moving truck. It wouldn’t make much sense to rent a 14-foot moving truck to simply move a washer or dryer. If you do need to move a few things, you may find that renting a cargo van or pickup truck is a much better option for you then the large truck. Below, we will go over some considerations and tips to help you choose which option is best.

Cargo Van Rentals

Cargo vans provide you with the additional room you need to move furniture and large boxes without being large and overpowering. If you have ever tried to drive a large moving truck, you know what we are talking about. The interior of the cargo van is spacious and will allow you to keep your items close by as well.

They Won’t Do What? 4 Things Your Movers Will Not Do for You

If you thought you could call a moving company and expect the movers who show up to handle a bunch of things for you, they won’t. In fact, there are a variety of things that your movers will NOT do and they are not afraid to say no. But why? If you are wondering why your movers cannot do many of the following tasks, it is because of liability reasons.

If you find that you need help with any of the actions they will not help you with, consider calling a friend or relative to help in place of the mover.

  1. Unhook Your Appliances

Your movers will not unhook and disconnect your appliances for you. This is left up to you and you will need to empty out, clean, and unhook the appliance prior to the movers showing up. If you are unable to do this or simple do not want to, you have two options: 1) hire someone to do it for you, such as an appliance company or 2) leave your appliances behind and buy new ones.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist for Your Move: Know Before You Go

One of the most commonly forgot about items when it comes to a move is your vehicle. Did you know that your vehicle needs to be inspected before you hit the road? Most people never even think about this, but if your vehicle is in subpar condition, then you will find that it may break down on the side of the road or your tire may blow out on the interstate. Below, we will go over some items you need to check on your vehicle before you close the doors and hit the road.

  1. Take Your Vehicle in for an Inspection

If you have the time and funds available, take your car in for a quick inspection. Dealerships often offer a special where you can have your vehicle inspected for free with any service purchase. These inspections will look over the main components of your vehicle and the mechanic on site will let you know if he notices any issues with your vehicle.

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need?

So, you have made the decision to rent a moving truck for your upcoming move, but now you are faced with the decision of what size truck to rent. This is one of those things that stumps almost all of those who do rent a truck. When it comes to the size of the truck, you want to make sure you choose a truck that is going to hold all of your belongings, otherwise, you will be making unnecessary trips back and forth to move all of your items.

One of the hardest things for people to determine is the size equivalent of the truck itself. For example, you may look up how many items a 14-foot truck holds and one person may say a one or two-bedroom apartment. But, how many items is this? For someone in one area of the country, a two-bedroom apartment may be the size of a two-bedroom house, but for someone else, a two-bedroom apartment is only the equivalent of a one-bedroom house.