Your Guide to Ensuring Your Storage Unit is Always Safe

If you plan to rent a storage unit, you may be worried that your items are not safe while you are away. It is unlikely that someone is going to break into your unit, especially if it is locked, but you never want to take a chance either. Below, we will go over some of the ways that you can ensure your storage unit is always safe no matter what.

  1. Check Out the Facility’s Security Measures

One of the best ways to safeguard your unit against thieves is to spend some time looking over the storage facility’s security measures before you rent a unit. You should try to access the units and see how far you can get before you are questioned. In addition, look to see if there are any security cameras and find out how often they are monitored. Also, you should ask if there is a manager on site and find out if the storage facility takes any additional precautions such as alarms in the units, etc.

The more security features a storage facility has, the safe your items will be when you are away and this peace of mind can help you sleep at night.

Your Guide to Downsizing from a House to an Apartment

Yay! The big day has come and you are ready to move into your apartment. But, wait! Uh-oh! You are moving from a HOUSE into an APARTMENT. Before you panic, we can help and the process of downsizing is not as difficult as you may think it is. Ready to learn more? Let’s go.

  1. Determine Your Needs

First and foremost, determine your needs. What we mean by this is sit down and think about the essentials you will need for your apartment. For example, you already know you are going to need a microwave and you will need linens for your bedroom. But, do you need all of those extra pillows or decorations on the wall?

As you move into a smaller apartment, you will need to sit down and think about your space constraints and what you truly need to have.

  1. Go Through Your Stuff

This will likely be the hardest part of the entire process for you because it is time to say goodbye to your belongings. If you are downsizing from a three-bedroom home into a one-bedroom apartment, you have a lot to get rid of.

You Stored What? 5 Strangest Items People Store

Have you ever thought that you stored some weird items in your storage unit? Maybe you placed the head to a deer in your unit or maybe you placed some odd looking dolls in your unit. Either way, there are some people who have stored much weirder items within their storage unit and once you learn what these items are, you won’t feel so bad about storing your items.

  1. Live Ammunition

Believe it or not in 2011, a hand grenade was found in a storage unit in NJ. This is an extreme example of live ammunition but it made it to the top of our list. While the rules of most storage units forbid storing these types of items, people still hide them within their belongings and then place them in their storage units.

  1. Ashes of Dead Loved Ones

While you may have a small memorial dedicated to a family member in your China cabinet, some people store their family members’ ashes in their storage units. We think that maybe they just simply forgot what was in the jar or maybe they just simply did not know what to do with the ashes, but either way, a storage unit is not the place for your loved ones.