Tips for Preparing Your RV for Storage

As the winter begins to approach, you may not be going on any outdoor adventures and you may be ready to start storing your RV until the weather is warm again. Most of the time, RV owners need to find a storage space for their RV because they cannot leave it in their yard or driveway.

If you are getting ready to store your RV for a couple weeks or more, consider the following tips to help you prepare it. If you do not prepare your RV correctly, you will find that it may need some cosmetic or mechanical repairs when you go to use it again.

  1. Take Care of the Tires

Before you place your RV in storage, add air to all of the tires to ensure that they are inflated properly. If not, you will find that the tires develop flat spots and you cannot drive the RV this way.

You can also place pieces of wood beneath the tires on your vehicle to help prevent flat spots and aging as well. Just remember that you need to remove the planks before driving off again.

Storing a Car in a Self Storage Facility

While you may have enough closet space in your home to keep your clothes and accessories safe, parking your vintage car in a crammed garage may not be an option for you. Many families who have more than one car usually run out of space at home to make sure that each vehicle is parked securely. At other times, when families head out for month long vacations, car storage again becomes a necessity.

It may sound easy and simple to park your car in a rented facility, however, there is a lot to consider and think about before randomly picking a storage facility. Will the parking be outdoor or indoor? How much rent are you willing to pay? How safe is the parking facility? What is the location of the storage unit? These questions need definite answers for your mind to be at ease regarding paid car storage.