How to Stay Organized during the Back to School Rush

With back to school in full swing, everything turns into chaos and you may find that you have a house strewn with new clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Before you rip out your hair from the clutter and disorganization, this article will delve into ways that you can stay organized during the back to school rush.

  1. Create a Center for Everyone’s Stuff

When you and your family walk through the door, what happens to all of your items? Do you place them in a pile on the floor, do they get thrown onto the dining room table? If you place a central center, such as a bookcase or storage bin, in the area where you always place your items, things will stay more organized.

Of course, you will have to convince your children to follow suit, but a place for them to hang their backpacks, shoes, and lunch boxes will keep your home much more organized.

  1. Pull Out Clothes the Night Before

To help keep your routine simple in the morning, consider pulling out your child’s outfit the night before school. This may even buy you a couple extra minutes to sleep in as well. If you find that you still run short on time, consider pulling out the week’s clothes on Sunday night. This way, clothes are already pulled out and ready to be worn.

How to Properly Store Your Photographs

Photographs are memories that we have and they capture a moment in time that will never happen again. Without photos, you will only be able to visualize what you remember from the event and you will not have any piece of existence of that memory.

Many people look at photos as they reminisce about their life or they show photos to others when they want to let someone know what their relatives looked like or what they looked like as a baby. You can document any part of your life from a failure to an achievement through a photograph.

Since photos are so important, it is vital that you properly store them to ensure they last over the years. If you do not, then you will find that the image is faded and sometimes completely gone by the time you recover the photos.

  1. Gather Your Photos and Sort Them

The first step in the process is to gather all of your photos and place them into one big pile. You should grab any photo albums you have and remove the phots from them, especially if they are the sticky album sheets. The glue on these sheets often eat through the photograph and ruin it over long periods of time.

Once you have all of your photos, separate them into memories or time periods. For example, you could have a pile that is from when you were an infant and then a pile from one of your achievements.

Declutter the Closet with These Tips

Oh-no, the closet. This is probably one of the most cluttered areas in your home and probably one of the last places you clean, even during spring cleaning time! It is okay, we don’t judge and everyone has a closet with too many items in it.

But, we do have a solution for you and the following tips will help you quickly and easily declutter your closet in no time. Once you have it decluttered, you will be able to keep it this way easily with a couple minutes of cleanup each day.

  1. Color Code Your Items

It is important to color code your items because it makes much more sense and it will allow you to pick out the color you want to wear for the day without wearing the same color every day. If you have a ton of pink shirts, put them in one spot, put your purples in another, blue somewhere else, etc. Trust us, you will love the color coding system.

  1. Get Rid of Clothes You Do Not Wear

One of the reasons that closets become cluttered is because there are too many clothes in them. It is easy to push old clothes to the back of the closet and simply add new clothes on top of it. You should remove all of the clothes and then sort through them. You want to get rid of items that you no longer wear or items that you no longer fit into.

Common Things People Forget to Do BEFORE They Move

Moving can be quite hectic and there are a lot of things that need to be done before you can move your items. Often times, people forget to do the following things that are all too natural in our lives, but they seem to just slip our minds. If you have not taken the steps to complete these things, set aside some time and think about whether or not you need to.

  1. Talk to Your Insurance Company

Did you know that your car insurance may go up or down depending on where you live? Also, if you do not inform the insurance company that you have moved, you may not be covered in the event that an accident does occur in your new city.

You should let the insurance company know the moment you move or up to two weeks prior to your move. This will allow them to ensure your plan is updated and you can ensure you are okay with the new rate.

  1. Cancel Any Recurring Charges You May Have

With everything else that is on your plate, you probably have not even given thought to many of the monthly recurring charges that you likely have. Think about it for a moment. Gym membership? Streaming services? Any subscription boxes?