You Stored What? 5 Strangest Items People Store

Have you ever thought that you stored some weird items in your storage unit? Maybe you placed the head to a deer in your unit or maybe you placed some odd looking dolls in your unit. Either way, there are some people who have stored much weirder items within their storage unit and once you learn what these items are, you won’t feel so bad about storing your items.

  1. Live Ammunition

Believe it or not in 2011, a hand grenade was found in a storage unit in NJ. This is an extreme example of live ammunition but it made it to the top of our list. While the rules of most storage units forbid storing these types of items, people still hide them within their belongings and then place them in their storage units.

  1. Ashes of Dead Loved Ones

While you may have a small memorial dedicated to a family member in your China cabinet, some people store their family members’ ashes in their storage units. We think that maybe they just simply forgot what was in the jar or maybe they just simply did not know what to do with the ashes, but either way, a storage unit is not the place for your loved ones.

  1. Celebrity Clothes and Albums

Not only do you have a large collection of music, DVDs, and clothes in your unit, other people do as well. In fact, storage units have been found with thousands and millions of dollars’ worth of famous celebrities’ clothes, music albums, comic books, paintings, and more. We wonder how someone could forget that they have all of these amazing items in their unit, but it does happen.

  1. Classic Cars

Imagine forgetting that you stored a classic car in your storage unit or even better, purchasing a storage unit at an auction and uncovering a mint condition car. Pretty cool, huh? It is possible and in fact, it happens more than you may even imagine it would. Classic cars worth millions have been found locked up inside of storage units and some of them have even been found to be in mint condition, making them worth even more money.

  1. Money

Yes, you read that right. Cash. Cold. Hard. Cash. Many people like to hide their money, but imagine hiding your money so well that even you forget where it is. This happens more often than you may think and thousands of dollars have been uncovered in storage units, especially the abandoned ones.

Some weird places that people hide their money include in socks, in secret compartments in their drawers, inside of paintings, in mattresses, and any other place they can think to hide it. Oh, and remember how we mentioned the family member’s ashes in a storage unit? Well, people have stored cash inside of these vases as well. Wow.

See, if you thought you stored weird or strange items in your storage unit, you are not alone. Many people choose to store all types of items within their storage unit and some of these people even forget that these items are there. Who knows, maybe you will find an odd, strange item in your storage unit soon.