5 Best Cities to Move to for Retirement

If retirement is right around the corner for you, you may be looking for the best place to settle down in. Many retirees will either move to a new city or they will purchase another home, so they can travel back and forth throughout the seasons.

Retirement is a time for you to be able to relax and enjoy life without the worry of waking up and going to work. Below, we will go over some of the best cities to retire in and who knows, you may even decide you want to give one of them a shot.

  1. Austin, TX

This is not the first time that Texas or Austin has popped up on a list of one of the best places to live. It is no doubt that this large city is ideal for any retiree. The city is full of delicious food to try, friendly cowboys around the corner, and many different hiking trails for a day adventure.

  1. Franklin, TN

Franklin is no Nashville, but you do not need Nashville when you have Franklin. The city is the perfect place for retirees and will provide you with many different day, night, and weekend activities to enjoy. In fact, the city puts on many different festivals and art walks throughout the year.

Franklin does not come with a large price tag either and it is quite affordable. With the state of Tennessee carrying a low tax rate, there is no reason why you should not give this small city a shot.

  1. Tucson, AZ

Tucson is a great place for retirees, especially for those who love the mountains and desert. You will find that there are many different adventures to be had from climbing up any of the mountain ranges to riding your bike along one of the trails. The city has ranked within the top 110 for being a city for seniors. If you are thinking about retiring somewhere, Tucson is an awesome consideration.

  1. Arlington, VA

Virginia is a beautiful state and it has a lot to offer those who want to retire here and call it home. Throughout the city, you will find more than 100 miles of trails to skate, bike, and explore. There is a low crime rate within the city, which makes it a wonderful choice.

  1. Cape Coral, FL

Who doesn’t love Florida? After all, it is a retiree’s dream to live here. Cape Coral is an ideal place because it is full of affluent neighborhoods, beautiful scenery, and of course, water is available whenever you want to head out on a boat. In addition to the beach, retirees can enjoy a round of golf in the beautiful summer sun or you can work have a wonderful BBQ and watch fireworks tower over the city.

If you are looking for a place to retire and settle down in, then check out any of the cities on the above list. Each one offers you something different from a hiking adventure to delicious food.