Moving Across the Country? Your Options for Moving Your Vehicle

When you think about moving across the country, you are probably thinking about the new weather changes, your home, and how you plan to meet new people, but one thing that is often overlooked is how your vehicle is going to make it there too.

You do have several different options to take into consideration when it comes time to move your vehicle. Below, we will go over some of those options for you and you can choose the right one for your situation.

  1. Sell Your Vehicle

If you are not attached to your vehicle and you do not want to worry about the hassle, you can sell the vehicle now and then purchase a new one once you are settled into your new home.

  1. Professional Driver

If you want to take your vehicle along with you, but you cannot drive it, you can choose to have a professional driver drive it to your new home. Many professional auto transporters offer this service and as long as you do not mind someone else doing the driving for you, the service will work wonders.

  1. Non-Professional Driver

If you are on a budget, but still want to take your vehicle along, consider asking a friend or family member to drive your vehicle for you. You could offer to give the person a token of appreciation in exchange for their time. The biggest thing to remember here though is that you will have to find the non-professional driver a way home.

  1. Enclosed Transport Truck

An enclosed auto transport truck is another option and one that many people may choose, especially if they do not want their vehicle out in the elements. An enclosed truck is a large semi that can hold and move your vehicle inside of it.

You will find that this type of truck offers the most protection for your vehicle.

  1. Open Air Transport Truck

An open air transport truck is most commonly used and you have probably seen them before as they deliver new vehicles to dealerships. The open air truck is designed to hold multiple vehicles and you will find that your car is quite safe on these trucks.

Knowing how your vehicle will be moved is an important part of moving to a new state. You should call around and get quotes to move your vehicle. You never want to go with the cheapest company, but the company that has the best reputation.