Renting a Moving Truck? Tips You Should Keep in Mind

If you are renting a moving truck to move your household items, you may think it is a breeze to drive. Most truck rental companies do not put any stipulations on renting a truck other than meeting a certain age requirement and having a valid license.

Before you pack up all of your items and take off in the moving truck, there are some things you should keep in mind that will help you enjoy your time driving.

  1. Take Time to Learn the Truck

Before you simply hit the road, take some time, sit in the truck, and learn it. You should adjust the mirrors so that you can see on all sides. It is essential that you feel comfortable in the truck before you take it out on the road.

Another thing to do is to adjust the pedals and seat to ensure you can properly reach them when you need to. Straining your foot to reach will only cause pain and may lead to an accident.

  1. Take It for a Short Drive

Don’t be afraid to take the truck for a drive throughout the neighborhood to help you get used to it too. It is better to be safe and practice than to head out onto the road and become nervous.

  1. Always Move Slow

While you may enjoy gunning it in your racecar, you cannot do that in a large moving truck. You should always go slowly to prevent the contents inside of the truck from shifting. Pressing the gas pedal too quick or slamming on the brakes can cause items in your truck to fall and break.

  1. Don’t Get Too Close

You need to keep in mind that larger trucks are not as easy to stop so you should give yourself enough room to stop and maneuver around.

In addition, make sure that you take wider turns to prevent knocking into the curb as this could cause a tire blowout, or worse, the truck tipping over.

  1. An Empty Truck Is Lighter

One of the most important things to remember is that an empty truck drives much more easily than a truck full of items. You should be prepared for the truck to drive slowly, which also means it will take longer for you to get up to speed and to slow down.

If you are renting a moving truck for your moving day, keep these five tips in mind to help you prepare for the drive ahead. Never underestimate the truck and always try to test drive it a bit beforehand.