Your Guide to Moving with Children

Moving may be an exciting time for you and while your children may be a bit excited, moving also brings other emotions along with it such as anxiety, sadness, and fear. This is because kids know they have to leave behind their friends and start out in a new place where they know no one. Before you get frustrated or you start to feel overwhelmed with your child’s fear and anxiety about the move, consider the following tips to help you and your child(ren) with the move.

  1. Look for a New Place as One

Instead of you heading out and looking for a new place to live, take your child with you. This is a great time for you and your child to bond and you will be able to find a home that your child likes as well. All too often, parents will pick out homes and their children do not like the house for one reason or another. By including them in the selection process, they will be excited and proud.

  1. Always Include Them

Another great way to excite your child about the upcoming move is to make sure they are included in everything. Instead of dropping your child off with a babysitter, take them with you to take a tour of a home or take them with you to learn more about the neighborhood and area. Your child will only warm up to the new city by being a part of it, so make it an adventure for everyone.

  1. Make Packing a Game

As your child packs up his or her belongings, he or she may start to feel sad again as they close the boxes and empty their rooms. To help keep the excitement level up, turn packing into a game. You can do this by having a race between all members of the family to see who can pack their room the quickest. Whoever wins can choose where to eat dinner or where the family will go next on their day out.

  1. Have a Going Away Party

Instead of a goodbye party, have a see you later party for your child. This way, your child will not feel like he or she is saying goodbye forever, but so long for a short time. You can invite all of your child’s friends, your family, and family friends. This will be a day of celebration for everyone.

Remember, this move is hard on your child and you should sit down and talk to your child about the move. Allow them to express their feelings to you and ask them how they feel about the move. It is up to you to help them feel excited about the move and you can do so by following the steps above. The more you involve your child or children in the move, the more likely they will be to adjust quickly and not view the move as a negative experience.