How to Stay Organized during the Back to School Rush

With back to school in full swing, everything turns into chaos and you may find that you have a house strewn with new clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Before you rip out your hair from the clutter and disorganization, this article will delve into ways that you can stay organized during the back to school rush.

  1. Create a Center for Everyone’s Stuff

When you and your family walk through the door, what happens to all of your items? Do you place them in a pile on the floor, do they get thrown onto the dining room table? If you place a central center, such as a bookcase or storage bin, in the area where you always place your items, things will stay more organized.

Of course, you will have to convince your children to follow suit, but a place for them to hang their backpacks, shoes, and lunch boxes will keep your home much more organized.

  1. Pull Out Clothes the Night Before

To help keep your routine simple in the morning, consider pulling out your child’s outfit the night before school. This may even buy you a couple extra minutes to sleep in as well. If you find that you still run short on time, consider pulling out the week’s clothes on Sunday night. This way, clothes are already pulled out and ready to be worn.

  1. Setup a Place for Homework to Be Completed

Homework is an essential part of your child’s nighttime routine and needs to be completed. To help facilitate the process and make it go smooth every night, you should setup an area in your home where your child can do their homework.

For example, a desk in the living room or even a place at the dining room table is good. You should take some time to watch what they do and even make it part of your routine. For instance, maybe your child can sit at the dining room table and do homework while you cook and then help set the table afterwards.

  1. How Will You Handle Lunches?

You have two options when it comes to your child’s lunch. You can pack his or her lunch or you can have your child purchase lunch. If the school has a program where you can add money to your child’s account, you will be able to monitor what they purchase to eat.

If you do choose to pack your child’s lunch, you can prepare it the night before and keep it in the refrigerator until the morning. When your child is ready to go to school, simply pull out the lunchbox and send them to school.

Staying organized during the back to school rush is not as hard as it may seem, but it does take some time and organizational skills to pull it off. If you find that your home is in a disarray, try to work hard to gain order again and keep it that way.