Declutter the Closet with These Tips

Oh-no, the closet. This is probably one of the most cluttered areas in your home and probably one of the last places you clean, even during spring cleaning time! It is okay, we don’t judge and everyone has a closet with too many items in it.

But, we do have a solution for you and the following tips will help you quickly and easily declutter your closet in no time. Once you have it decluttered, you will be able to keep it this way easily with a couple minutes of cleanup each day.

  1. Color Code Your Items

It is important to color code your items because it makes much more sense and it will allow you to pick out the color you want to wear for the day without wearing the same color every day. If you have a ton of pink shirts, put them in one spot, put your purples in another, blue somewhere else, etc. Trust us, you will love the color coding system.

  1. Get Rid of Clothes You Do Not Wear

One of the reasons that closets become cluttered is because there are too many clothes in them. It is easy to push old clothes to the back of the closet and simply add new clothes on top of it. You should remove all of the clothes and then sort through them. You want to get rid of items that you no longer wear or items that you no longer fit into.

  1. Sell Your Items

Ah! A fun way to get rid of items in your closet is to hold a sale. Let me people come into your home and go through the closet and sell every item for a buck or two. Of course, take out the items that you want or wear, but the others are free game for sale.

You could also hold a virtual sale online for your clothes too. People love getting a good deal on clothes and you can simply have the customer pick up the item or ship it to them after you receive payment.

  1. Take Out Items That Don’t Belong

We often have a bad habit of tossing items into the closet that do not truly belong in the closet. Of course, your hope is to put it away someday, but it eventually gets lost. Heck, you may uncover some items you completely forgot about too.

You should remove any items that do not belong in the closet and place them in their rightful place. But, what belongs in the closet? Well, it depends. You can keep linens in the closet, you can keep clothes, shoes, and accessories in the closet, or you can keep other items in the closet. It all depends on your needs and the space you have.

If you have a cluttered closet, use the above tips to help you quickly declutter it and keep it that way. As you sort through your clothes, consider donating the ones you no longer want and ones you cannot sell.