Cluttered Spice Cabinet? Use These Clever Storage Hacks

If you love to cook, then you likely have an entire cabinet packed full of different spices. Some of these spices you may use on a regular basis and others on a not so regular basis, but either way, let’s admit it, your spice cabinet is a disaster. While it may seem like there is no way you can organize your spice cabinet efficiently, there are some storage hacks that can make the job a lot easier on you. Below, we will go over some of the best hacks to ensure that your spice cabinet is free from clutter and disorganization.

  1. Utilize Your Pantry’s Door

If you have a pantry in your kitchen, you have probably noticed that the interior door does not serve much of a purpose and is more of a blank space than anything. You can quickly and easily transform your pantry’s cabinet door into a spice rack for yourself. To do this, grab a few different sized wire racks and mount them to the door. You can organize your spices by color, name, and use.

  1. Have a Test Tube Collection

Have a couple of spices that you use on the regular? If so, you know it can be difficult to find them in the stack of spices, but now, you can have them right at your disposal. Grab a small wooden box and some test tubs. Add the spice to the test tube and then place the tube into the wooden box. You can access your most readily used spices quickly and easily.

  1. Create a Custom Spice Shelf

If you have extra wall space in your kitchen that you do not use, you can create yourself a custom spice shelf. Before you hang the shelf on the wall, paint it to match your kitchen or even choose an off the wall color to really add some contrast. When you design your custom spice shelf, make sure you make it with your larger spices in mind, this way, you won’t go to add a spice to the shelf and find out it doesn’t fit.

  1. Pull Out Cabinet Rack

If you are redesigning your kitchen, you have endless options when it comes to spice storage options. One way to keep your spices organized is to design a spice rack that acts as a cabinet. For instance, you can have a cabinet designed where the drawers pull completely out to allow you to store your spices quickly and easily. This type of a cabinet would functional similarly to the pull out cabinets that house trash cans under the sink.

If you are tired of knocking over spices and finding a disorganization of them in your cabinet, opt in to add any of these ideas to your kitchen. If you are limited on space or you do not have the means to implement any new ideas, consider using an empty drawer to organize your spices for a grab and go style.