Your Guide to Hosting a Successful Packing Party

If you are stressed out about your upcoming move, there is one way that you can make the entire experience a great one – have a packing party. You may be wondering what a packing party is right now and it is a sort of get together that you host and your guests help you pack up all of your items and stick them into boxes. How fun is that? Not only will you be able to bond with your friends, you will find that your packing gets done a lot quicker than it would have if you were doing it alone. Below, we will go over some ways and ideas to help you host the best packing party of all time.

  1. Plan and Set a Date

You need to make sure that you plan and set a date for your packing party. Sit down and think about who you want to invite, the activities that will take place, your budget for the party, and what day you want the party to be held. If you plan to have a small get together, choose a day that you know all of your friends will be able to attend. For example, an ideal night would be a Friday or Saturday, but if you have some friends that work weekends, you may find that everyone is off on Wednesday and you can have the party then.

  1. Purchase the Supplies You Need Ahead of Time

Do not wait until the last minute to purchase supplies and determine how many supplies you need for the big day. If you are under planned and you do not have enough supplies, your packing party will not be much of a packing party.

When you do plan for your party, make sure that each person who will attend will have one of everything. For example, you need to provide each person with tape, boxes, newspaper or packing peanuts, etc.

  1. Provide Snacks and Beverages

You do need to provide everyone with something in exchange for their time and help. You could easily check out your local pizza shop’s deals and score a few pizzas for a great price. Plus, who doesn’t love pizza. While you may want to provide some alcohol for your friends, this is not always a good idea because, remember, they will be packing up your valuables and belongings. You should opt in for a delicious party punch, soda, or juices for the occasion.

  1. Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun. Crank up the music, dance, and play games while you pack up your stuff. As long as the packing gets done, who cares how much fun you actually indulge in.

If you are planning a packing party, consider the tips and ideas above to make it the packing party to remember. You will enjoy these last moments to bond with your friends before you actually close the door and say goodbye until next time.