How to Prepare Your Jet Ski for the Open Water

Now that the sun is high in the sky, you may be anxious to get your jet ski out of storage and hit the open water. Before you do, there are some steps you need to take to prepare your jet ski for the big day out in the sun. Below, we will go over these steps and it is important that you follow them to ensure your watercraft works properly for a full day of fun.

  1. Check the Spark Plugs

Even if your spark plugs did not need to be changed when you put the jet ski into storage, you never know what happened in between that time. You should always check your spark plugs by pulling them out and looking at them before you attempt to start the jet ski. If you notice any problems, have the spark plugs replaced before you head to the beach.

  1. Drain the Fuel Tank

Yep, you had to fill the tank up when you placed the jet ski in storage, but now it is time to remove all of that fuel and start over. Once the fuel has been drained, you can add fresh fuel to the tank. Make sure to inspect the fuel filter and other components to ensure there are no clogs.

  1. Tighten All of the Belts and Wires

Take some time to go through your jet ski and tighten any wires and belts that may have come loose during storage. You do not want to head out onto the open water with a loose wire and then experience a stall or breakdown. This step will only take a few minutes, so do not skip it.

  1. Check the Battery

If you forget to check the battery in your jet ski, you may be surprised when you pull up to the beach and it does not start. While the battery may have had a charge when you left it in storage, the battery can sometimes drain on its own if you leave it hooked up. You should check the charge before you turn the jet ski on and replace the battery if the charge is weak or non-existent.

  1. Wash and Polish It

Who wants to take a dirty jet ski out on the water? While the water may wash away some of the dirt, it is not slightly to have it caked on there. You should wash your jet ski and then apply a coat of wax to make your baby shine in the summer sun.

Don’t head out to your storage unit without this helpful checklist above. We recommend that you inspect your jet ski for safety BEFORE you even attempt to use it after it has been in storage. If you notice a problem with the watercraft, get it fixed promptly, so you do not waste too much time sidelined from the water.

On a final note, remember to protect yourself and wear a life vest when going for a ride on the open water!