Recently Married? Downsizing and Merging Your Belongings

If you and your spouse are recently married, you are probably at the point where you are trying to merge two homes into one. This sounds like a big task, and guess what, it is. As you get ready to move in together and finally ditch the second home, consider these tips to help you merge and downsize.

  1. Know What You Want

Sit down and discuss what each one of you wants. For example, is there a couch at one of the residences that you prefer over the other? Or maybe you want to split up the decorating such as one person decorates the bedroom and the other person decorates the living room.

  1. Throw Out Duplicates

If you have a ton of duplicate items, start scaling down and tossing them out. If you are having a hard time parting with some items, consider donating them so that someone else can get use out of it.

  1. Buy What You Need Together

Evaluate everything that you have and find out what you still need. When it is time to purchase the items you need, go shopping together. You both will be able to look at all of the options and start making decisions together. Shopping together also prevents disagreements over the items chosen.

  1. Get a Storage Unit

If you find you have a ton of items that you cannot part with, then consider getting a self-storage unit and placing the additional items in it. You can slowly go through your unit and toss things out as you realize you no longer need them.

If you are your spouse are working on moving in together, think about the downsizing and merging tips above. The more you work together, the more everything will work out in the end for the both of you.