Tips for Storing Your Wedding Dress

Whether you want to keep your wedding dress as a memento or you want your daughter to wear it one day, it is important that you store it properly, otherwise, it will not last long. Below, we will go over some tips to help you properly store your wedding dress and keep it looking nice.

  1. Always Clean the Dress

You never want to store a dirty dress as the stains will begin to set over time. It is important that you have the dress professionally cleaned before hanging it in your storage unit.

  1. To Fold or To Hang

Many people often debate whether it is best to fold the dress or to hang the dress. It is important that whichever method you choose; do it correctly.

If you plan to fold the dress, make sure that you fold it carefully and that you do not fold it in all of the wrong places. If you fold it incorrectly, the dress will damage and wrinkle over time.

If you do choose to hang the dress, make sure that you get a protective cover to zip the dress in. This cover will help keep dust and dirt from getting on the dress.

  1. Get a Climate-Controlled Unit

If you plan on placing your dress in a storage unit, make sure that it is climate controlled. If you do not ensure a safe place for your dress, you cannot expect the dress to look good 20 years later when you want your daughter to use it.

If you plan on storing your wedding dress, take the proper steps to make sure that it is stored correctly. If it is not, you will find that the dress yellows and does not look as good as it once did.