Your Guide to Packing Your Kitchen for Your Upcoming Move

If you are dreading packing your kitchen, you are not alone. In fact, it is one of the most commonly despised areas in a home to pack and this is because it is usually packed with items. There are some strategies to help you pack it up without stressing about the situation and below, we will provide you with some tips and tricks to make a kitchen packing session easier than ever.

  1. Sort Through Your Silverware

Ugh! Silverware is one of the hardest things to pack because each utensil is loose and can become mixed in with everything else. To prevent any damage to your items and to help keep your silverware manageable during your move, separate the utensils by type and then secure each bundle with a rubber band. Grab a shoebox or small cardboard box and place all of the bundled silverware into the box to keep them separated from all other kitchenware.

  1. Don’t Take Your Food

While you want to take along spices, food coloring, and items that you know will stay good, avoid taking any perishable foods items or items that will expire soon. Canned items are great to pack up, but they can become heavy and weigh down your boxes, so you want to keep this in mind as well.

What you can do is go through your pantry and decide what you plan to take and what you won’t take. Plan your meals around the items that you will not be taking with you, this way, there is no waste.

  1. Bubble Wrap Your Dinner Plates

Your dinner plates are fragile and can break easily when you move. You should start by placing some bubble wrap or even a couple of t-shirts on the bottom of the box. Wrap each dinner plate once in bubble wrap and stack them in stacks of three or four and then place an extra layer of bubble wrap in between.

If you have the time to, you should search for and purchase specialized boxes that are used to pack dishes, as they are much more durable than standard cardboard.

  1. Pack All Pots and Pans Together

You do not have to wrap up your pots and pans, which will save you some time, but do remember to wrap any pot and pan lids that are made from glass. To pack these items, you should locate a box that will house your largest pan both vertically and horizontally without a problem. Once you have a large box, place all pots and pans together in the box and then wrap and place the glass lids on top.

We all know that items in the kitchen see their fair share of use and if your items are worn down or could be replaced, you may want to simply throw out your kitchen items and then replace them once you get into your new home. If you do plan to pack your kitchen, follow the tips above to protect your items throughout the move.