Top 5 Moving Apps to Help Make Your Move Easier

Planning for a move, packing, and then moving can be a hassle and cause undue stress on you, especially if you have a lot to move in a little amount of time. Before you panic about your upcoming move, check out the following moving apps, which will make everything much more simple.

App 1: Suddath’s Moving Guru

Suddath’s Moving Guru is an application available for free on your iPhone. The application is extremely helpful when it comes to moving because it allows you create a moving checklist 10 weeks prior to your move. You will find that the app provides you with a week-by-week and daily breakdown to help ensure you are not stressed for your move. The app also provides you with moving tips and helps you organize for a smooth transition on the big day.

App 2: My Move

My Move is another free application for the iPhone. This app will help you find local moving companies and display their ratings. In addition, the application will help you determine the weight of your boxes, so you can plan accordingly for your move.

App 3: MoveMatch

MoveMatch is a free application available on Android that assists you with your move. The application will help you determine the weight of each one of your boxes to help make moving easier. The application also allows you to create an inventory list of all your items to help you keep track of what items are in which box.

App 4: iMoving

iMoving is an application designed for the iPad and it is free to use. The application allows you to create and build your inventory according to each room in your house. You will be able to keep track of where everything goes. In addition, the app helps you locate quotes from local movers.

App 5: Move Planner

Move Planner is not free and costs a one-time fee of $2.99. This app is designed for the iPhone and it helps you plan accordingly for your move. For instance, the app will remind you of things you need to do such as transferring important paperwork.

Each of the above five apps will help you when it comes time to move. You will find that you need the additional hand, especially since there is so much to remember and do. The applications above can help you keep your items in order and remind you of the tasks you may have forgotten to do along the way.