Top 5 Moving Myths Debunked

Moving takes a lot of planning and preparation and if you do not do these things, then you will find that you feel much more stressed out. There are a variety of moving myths that circulate around and if you believe some of them, you may be putting your items at risk. Below, we will go over some of these myths and debunk them for you so that you can have a safe and happy move.

  1. Moving Boxes Are a Waste of Money

While you can head up to any local store and take their free boxes, it is not a waste to invest in some moving boxes for your heavier and more valuable items. Moving boxes are constructed with a much heavier and durable cardboard so when you do pack them, they do not open up and drop your contents.

  1. Skip the Labels

No. Do not skip the labels. While you may not have too many boxes, not labeling them can cause a huge mess, especially when you need to locate a single item. Always label your boxes properly and keep all of your essentials in one box.

  1. Moving Insurance is Pointless

While it may seem that way, what happens if the moving truck tips and you lose all of your items? Moving insurance allows you to have the peace of mind knowing that your items are covered in the event something does happen to them.

In addition, if the movers damage your home, the damage is covered as well and does not come out of your pocket.

  1. Your Items Will Arrive Broken

If your moving truck and boxes are packed properly and your items wrapped the correct way, nothing will be broken when you arrive at your new home. While it does take longer to pack and wrap correctly, don’t skip this step.

  1. Movers Will Take Anything

Nope. Double check your contract because movers will not take hazardous and flammable items. Make sure you know what these items are before the movers arrive so you can prevent any delays.

As you get ready to move, make sure you look over the above five myths and adjust your strategy accordingly. If you do believe any of these myths, you may find yourself stuck re-planning and rescheduling your movers come time.