Your Furniture Matters: Tips to Help You Properly Store Your Furniture

When it comes time to move and store your furniture, you want to make sure that you are taking all precautions to protect your items. It would be disappointing to arrive at your new home only to find out all of your furniture was damaged during the move.

Protecting and properly storing your furniture is essential. Taking the wrong storage steps will mean that your wood furniture may become warped and displaced. Below, we will go over some tips to help ensure you know how to store all of your furniture.

  1. Protect Couches and Chairs

You should protect your couches and chairs with specially designed bags to fit over them. The bags are made from thick plastic and prevent the cushions from ripping during a move and prevent staining during storage.

When you do store your couch in your unit, make sure to place it on its end as this will maximize the space you have and it will make the couch easier to move come the time.

  1. Place Your Mattress on Its Side

When storing your mattress, make sure to place it on its side. If you lie the mattress flat and place items upon it, you will find heavy items leave depressions in the mattress.

In addition, do not store your mattress next to colored furniture as some of the coloring may transfer during weather changes.

  1. Protect Your TV

Your TV is an investment and you do not want that investment to go to waste because you improperly stored it. Make sure you purchase a protective cover for your TV to keep moisture and dirt out. You should purchase a TV box as well and slide the TV into it for safe keeping.

  1. Your Mirrors Will Be Tricky

Mirrors are always tricky to store and it is important that you move and store them with care. You need to take masking tape and place a large “X” across the glass on the mirror. This will prevent the glass from shattering should it break.

When storing your mirrors, place them upright. You may be able to purchase special boxes to house them in as well.

  1. Get a Climate-Controlled Unit

Your furniture should always be stored in a climate-controlled unit as humidity and extreme weather changes can affect your furniture. For instance, too much humidity can cause the wood on your couch to warp.

If you are getting ready to store your furniture, follow the tips above to ensure everything is safe and secure.