Your Guide to Moving Your Above Ground Pool

Pools are by far one of the best summertime activities and they bring families together for barbecues and more. But, if you plan to move, what do you do about your above ground pool? You take it with you of course! Below, we will provide you with the steps to move your above ground pool safely to your new location.

  1. Empty All That Water

Since it is likely that your pool is filled with water, it is time to take the time to empty the entire pool. Make sure you are prepared for the draining and that you do not flood your neighbor’s yard. Often, above ground pools will have a plug or some type of special drain to allow you to safely remove the water.

Once the water has been removed from the pool, carefully climb into the pool and hose off the liner to remove any buildup of dirt, pollen, and debris.

  1. Determine Where the Pool Will Go and Prepare the Site

Now, you need to determine where the pool will go at your new location and you need to prepare the site for the arrival of the pool. This part is going to take some time, so you must plan in advance before you bring the pool along with you.

When it comes to preparing the site for the pool, you should level the ground where the pool will go and make sure that all rocks and any sharp objects are removed from the ground as they may rip the liner and lead to leaking.

Your Guide to Moving Your Home Office

The term “home office” used to mean something a bit different than it means today. Today, the term is used for a place where business is conducted from home and many people often work out of their home and receive calls from clients, etc., while in their office. Since this space is used to support your family and build up your business, you do not want to take a move lightly, especially since many of the items within your office are fragile. Below, we will go over some tips to help ensure a smooth and easy home office move.

  1. Go Through Your Desk and Files

Before you make your move, go through all of the items on your desk and also through your files. You do not want to take things along for the move that you no longer need. If you find that you have important paperwork that you do not need, shred it instead of placing it into the trash. This will help protect your information and the information of your client as well.

  1. Keep Your Important Items in a Box That’s Readily Accessible

Since it is unlikely that you can just put everything on hold or your move, you should keep any important items that you need readily accessible in a box. For example, if you are currently working on a project, make sure to keep those files in this box along with the contact information for your clients.

Your Guide to Packing Your Kitchen for Your Upcoming Move

If you are dreading packing your kitchen, you are not alone. In fact, it is one of the most commonly despised areas in a home to pack and this is because it is usually packed with items. There are some strategies to help you pack it up without stressing about the situation and below, we will provide you with some tips and tricks to make a kitchen packing session easier than ever.

  1. Sort Through Your Silverware

Ugh! Silverware is one of the hardest things to pack because each utensil is loose and can become mixed in with everything else. To prevent any damage to your items and to help keep your silverware manageable during your move, separate the utensils by type and then secure each bundle with a rubber band. Grab a shoebox or small cardboard box and place all of the bundled silverware into the box to keep them separated from all other kitchenware.

Your Guide to Moving with Children

Moving may be an exciting time for you and while your children may be a bit excited, moving also brings other emotions along with it such as anxiety, sadness, and fear. This is because kids know they have to leave behind their friends and start out in a new place where they know no one. Before you get frustrated or you start to feel overwhelmed with your child’s fear and anxiety about the move, consider the following tips to help you and your child(ren) with the move.

  1. Look for a New Place as One

Instead of you heading out and looking for a new place to live, take your child with you. This is a great time for you and your child to bond and you will be able to find a home that your child likes as well. All too often, parents will pick out homes and their children do not like the house for one reason or another. By including them in the selection process, they will be excited and proud.

  1. Always Include Them

Another great way to excite your child about the upcoming move is to make sure they are included in everything. Instead of dropping your child off with a babysitter, take them with you to take a tour of a home or take them with you to learn more about the neighborhood and area. Your child will only warm up to the new city by being a part of it, so make it an adventure for everyone.

Moving in Together: Tips for Combining Households

If you have settled on the decision to move in with your significant other or they are moving in with you, you are probably worried about what to do with all of the items you both have acquired over the years. It can be scary to think that you will essentially be doubling the things that you own, but you can combat this problem quite easily. In fact, the tips below will help you quickly and easily combine your households without the worry of being overrun by items.

  1. Take Inventory and Know the Space You Have to Work With

The first step to combining your households together is to take inventory of all of the items you each have. Of course, there will likely be items you want to toss before you move, so do not include those in your inventory count.

Once inventory is taken, you need to evaluate the space that you have to work with. This means measuring the areas and deciding what pieces of furniture will fit into which rooms. Try to envision a floor plan for the room and think about where you plan to put items before you start bringing them in.

Rent a Box? Moving Box Rental Companies – Yay or Nay?

When it comes time to move your belongings, you need to put them in a box, right? But, what if you do not have any boxes on hand and you do not want to have any boxes on hand? There is a solution to this problem and you can actually rent boxes to use for your move. You are probably thinking we are making this up, but we are not and it is an idea that has gained a lot of traction and helps homeowners each and every day.

What Are These Boxes?

Renting a box is a somewhat new concept, but it is one that many people love. In fact, you do not have to worry about hunting down boxes and you are able to have boxes delivered to you quickly. The box itself is made from durable plastic and not cardboard, so the boxes hold up for use over and over again.

How Does It Work?

Renting a Moving Truck: Requirements and Steps

If you plan on renting a moving truck for your upcoming move, there are some requirements that you must meet before you can simply drive away in the truck. While many rental moving truck companies are easy to rent from, there are the basic requirements that most have. If you want to learn more about specific requirements for your area, you will need to call your local moving truck rental company and inquire. Below, we will go over some of the basic requirements you need to have.

  1. Age Requirement

In most state, you will need to be at least 18 years of age to drive the truck. When it comes to renting the truck, some states allow you to be 18 while others require you to be 21 and sometimes, 25 to rent the truck.

If you are interested in renting a trailer for the back of your vehicle, you may not need to meet the same requirements to rent a truck. In fact, some states will allow you to rent a trailer if you are 16 years of age.

Your Guide to Moving from One State to Another

If you are getting ready to move from one state to another, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Making a move in general can be difficult and time consuming, but moving to another state brings along a lot of new challenges as well. Below, we will go over some tips and tricks to help you make a successful move from your current state to a new one.

  1. Make a Plan

We cannot stress how important it is for you to make a plan and have one in place. Many people think that it will be a breeze to simply throw everything into a moving truck and hit the interstate, but they quickly find out it is much more difficult than that. In fact, you need to think about how you plan to get there, where to stop for gas, what to eat, when to sleep, and more. Before you pack any more boxes, sit down and create that plan.

  1. Hire Movers

If you think that you can handle an interstate move by yourself, go for it. Many homeowners are able to make the move themselves, but if you have a lot of heavy furniture or you are making a very long move, you may want to hire movers to do the job for you.

Your Guide to Downsizing from a House to an Apartment

Yay! The big day has come and you are ready to move into your apartment. But, wait! Uh-oh! You are moving from a HOUSE into an APARTMENT. Before you panic, we can help and the process of downsizing is not as difficult as you may think it is. Ready to learn more? Let’s go.

  1. Determine Your Needs

First and foremost, determine your needs. What we mean by this is sit down and think about the essentials you will need for your apartment. For example, you already know you are going to need a microwave and you will need linens for your bedroom. But, do you need all of those extra pillows or decorations on the wall?

As you move into a smaller apartment, you will need to sit down and think about your space constraints and what you truly need to have.

  1. Go Through Your Stuff

This will likely be the hardest part of the entire process for you because it is time to say goodbye to your belongings. If you are downsizing from a three-bedroom home into a one-bedroom apartment, you have a lot to get rid of.

Tips to Help You Reduce Waste When Making a Move

You have probably not given it much thought, but did you know that when you move, you create a bunch of waste as well? It is true and it is avoidable. There are a couple of reasons why you want to eliminate as much waste as possible including helping protect the environment and of course, it will help make your big moving day that much easier. Ready to learn how you can reduce the most amount of waste? Let’s take a look.

  1. Avoid Purchasing Boxes

Many people think that they need to go out and purchase a bunch of boxes for moving day and let’s face it, many of these boxes can be quite expensive, especially if you do not shop around for the best price. Before you start comparing prices on boxes, check out all of the free sources you can get boxes first. For example, you can check out your local grocery store and ask the manager if they have any produce boxes to spare. Same thing goes for local home improvement stores and more. You will find that you can get all of the boxes you need for free, simply by asking.